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Update on Choose Your Death 2!!!

2009-06-13 18:32:41 by andyserkis

Hey guys. Look, I know how a bunch of you have been patiently waiting for me to make the sequel to my first flash, Choose Your Death. Well, you'll be happy to be informed that since I am now done with classes, production of Choose Your Death 2 is in the works, and it's showing great progress. I've already finished 6 unique, twisted deaths in a matter of days, so hopefully it won't be much longer til I release it. Yay! It features 15 brand new options of diabolical death. I think that my animation skills have gotten much better since before, so this time you're in for a treat!!!

Thanks for waiting,

Update on Choose Your Death 2!!!


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2009-06-19 17:10:45

Ya the dude is getting cut in half by the chainsaw is his guts going to spill out? You should also put in the choice to hang your self or like suicide! Or like a robot disembowels him or the robot crushes his head. You should also put in a ninja and the ninja cuts the guy in to little tiny pieces. Well any way these are things i think you should put in and i hope it makes it front page!


2009-07-25 17:27:31

hell yeah


2009-11-20 21:46:08

when do u plan to release CYD:2 ?